Times of Malta: Maritime & Logistics Supplement

Our latest dissemination endeavour in the Times of Malta on the 7th of October!

“Funded by the European Commission, the VENTuRE project – a Virtual and physical ExperimeNTal Towing centre for the design ofenergy Efficient sea-fairing vessels – is coordinated by the University of Malta, Department of Mechanical Engineering. The University team members are Prof. Claire DeMarco, Prof. Tonio Sant, Dr Simon Mizzi, and Dr Mitchell Borg.

The project will enable the transfer of intensive academic & industrial knowledge exchange from two internationally-leading research institutions in the maritime industry, namely the University of Strathclyde (Scotland, United Kingdom) and the Università di Genova (Italy) to Malta. Local industrial companies within the expanding local maritime industry, such as NAS – Naval Architectural Services, that are seeking to benefit from this framework are acknowledged as key partners in providing the necessary support and characterisation of real-life maritime requirements.”