VENTuRE Members

Photos of many of the VENTuRE team members throughout the three years from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022

The Final VENTuRE Meeting

VENTuRE Final Gala Dinner in December 2022 with UM, USTRATH, UNIGE & NAS members in Turkey. Wish everyone was here. The final hybrid Steering Committee Meeting on 15 December 2022, held in Istanbul Turkey during the AYOCOL2022 colloquium. All VENTuRE team members gathered for the last in-person and online hybrid final meeting. The Steering Committee…
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Final VENTuRE Publication: Numerical investigation of depth-varying currents on ship hydrodynamics in confined water

Abstract: Vessels can operate in unpredictable environments depending on the geographical area and weather conditions. One example of conditions a vessel might not be assessed against is the presence of depth-varying currents, which are particularly relevant in confined waters where currents can be created due to tidal influences, or short fetches in inland waterways. The…
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Predicting the Effect of Hull Roughness on Ship Resistance using a Fully Turbulent Flow Channel. A VENTURE Joint Publication

ABSTRACT: The consequences of poor hull surface conditions on fuel consumption and emissions are well-known. However, their rationales are yet to be thoroughly understood. The present study investigates the hydrodynamics of fouling control coatings and mimicked biofouling. Novel experimental roughness function data were developed from the “young” fully turbulent flow channel facility of the University…
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Visit to Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Ship Model Testing Laboratory

Visiting the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) tow tank and cavitation tunnel during the AYCOL2022 colloquium in, Turkey, During the AYOCOL2022 colloquium held at the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, in December 2022, of the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), the participants toured the experimental facilities, including the ATA NUTKA Ship Model Testing Laboratory tow…
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VENTuRE Joint Publications at AYOCOL2022 Colloquium

USTRATH Researchers Margot Cocard & Roberto Ravenna presenting at the 4th International Meeting of the A. Yucel ODABASI Colloquium Series, Istanbul, Turkey, in December 2022. VENTuRE teams members attended the 4th International Meeting of the A. Yucel ODABASI Colloquium Series, AYOCOL2022, Istanbul, Turkey, in December 2022. The colloquium was a tribute to the late Professor…
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UM Researchers at OEEC2022

UM Researchers at OEEC2022 with FLASC_BV team members, Dr Daniel Buhagiar & Dr Daniel Baldacchino UM researchers attended the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, OEEC2022 on 29 & 30 Movember 2022held at the RAI. Amsterdam. OEEC2022 was a two-day networking event. The key elements in OEEC2022 were sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration with the maritime…
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Wind-assisted ship propulsion of a Series 60 ship using a static kite sail, a VENTuRE Publication

Abstract: Following the International Maritime Organization’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the interest in the application of wind-assisted ship propulsion (WASP) in maritime transportation is on the rise. Although a variety of WASP systems exist, their application in maritime shipping is still limited, especially in the case of kite sails. This paper presents a…
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UM VENTuRE Team Members at FLASC BV

UM Researchers at FLASC BV offices in Delft with Dr Daniel Buhagiar (CEO), Dr Daniel Baldacchino (principal engineer), and Mr Adrian-Ionut Singuran (electric power and controls engineer) The UM team visited to the Buccaneer Delft Incubator ( where the UM spin-off FLASC BV is based. “FLASC is developing a Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage (HPES) system tailored…
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UM Team Visits Technical University of Delft, (TU Delft), The Netherlands

UM VENTuRE team with Prof. Antonio Laguna (TU Delft) visiting the Tow Tank Facilities A contingent of four post-graduate students and two professors from the Department of Mechanical Engineering recently participated in the Technical University of Delft (TU Delft), Delft, The Netherlands. The scope of the visit was to observe the wave tank that is…
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