VENTuRE wins research funding from the 6th Maritime Seed Awards

On the 2nd of September 2020, the sixth edition of the Maritime Seed Awards (MarSA) pledged to support five teams of entrepreneurs and researchers working in the maritime field in the development of their proposals, taking them from concept to commercialisation.

The funds were awarded through a collaboration between Transport Malta and the University of Malta, to provide up to €20,000 in funding per team, over the period of one year. Researchers and entrepreneurs were supported by the Knowledge Transfer Office and TAKEOFF Business Incubator throughout the application process, and were given workshops and assistance. Four “Proof of Concept” technologies and one “Seed Fund” proposal were selected for funding.

Through the VENTuRE project, two proof of concept titles were proposed and awarded funding:

  • MedFOWT, which proposes a versatile Floating Offshore Wind Turbine platform concept which includes a single point mooring system and is specifically designed to withstand central Mediterranean conditions.
  • DeSloSH, which will undertake at the development of a low cost, internal tank sloshing suppressive infrastructure for storage tanks within fuel-transporting vessels.