First Public Engagement Event

On the 1st of April, a conference was organised at NAS Ltd. premises. Government bodies, including Hons. Owen Bonnici, minister of research, innovation and the coordination of the post-COVID-19 strategy, were invited to attend together with the local media. Given the present COVID-19 restrictions and measures that are in place, other stakeholders could not unfortunately be invited. The event was therefore streamed live on a social platform, Facebook, to allow others to follow it online. The scope behind the event was to shed more light on the ongoing research activities carried out by NAS, including those related to the VENTuRE project that had just won the Blue Award of the Horizon 2020 Award Scheme organised by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST). This award was granted to the VENTuRE project for distinguishing itself for having a beneficial impact on the research community in the marine industry.

The Blue Award achievement was awarded following a joint proposal strategy activity carried out between the partners to apply for the funding. The scope of the VENTuRE project was presented and activities outlined. Following the conference, discussions between NAS representatives and Hons. Owen Bonnici were held to discuss further the project activities.

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