UM Technicians visit UNIGE Experimental Hydrodynamics Labs: Towing Tank and Cavitation Tunnel

The UM technicians were introduced to UNIGE by Dr. Ricci and Prof. Figari. The tow tank theory, led by Prof. Diego Villa was discussed, and a detailed practical demonstration by Alberto Ferrari and Sergio Talocchi followed showing all the procedures to complete a tow test, starting from out-fitting, accurate weighing, model draught and trim checks, loading into the tank and connections to the carriage.  Following a few tow runs the data acquired was post-processed to show the procedure in compliance with ITTC standards.  Prof. Giorgio Tani introduced the cavitation tunnel and COMPASS Lab autonomous models

Prof. Diego Villa discusses and delivers the theory behind tow tank testing
Model weighing
Draught & trim checks
Preparing for a model run
Prof. Giorgio Tani & UM technicians in the Cavitation Tunnel facilities
Prof. Michelle Martelli discussing the printed pump jets