The Final VENTuRE Meeting

VENTuRE Final Gala Dinner in December 2022 with UM, USTRATH, UNIGE & NAS members in Turkey. Wish everyone was here.

The final hybrid Steering Committee Meeting on 15 December 2022, held in Istanbul Turkey during the AYOCOL2022 colloquium.

All VENTuRE team members gathered for the last in-person and online hybrid final meeting. The Steering Committee with all the team members closed off the project recounting the tasks, events, milestones, and deliverables accomplishments, whilst not forgetting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which reshaped the face of Europe and the VENTuRE project. The friendships, projects, and collaborations present before the start of the project between the partners enabled the essential clear and open communication, allowing the difficulties to be overcome and surpassed, even in many instances surpassing the requirements, resulting in a successful project. The friendships were enhanced and solidified forming a strong foundation on which future collaborations between the partners are to continue and be spread to the wider community and society to face the Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness.