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Summer School: Energy Efficiency of Marine Systems

In September, the University of Genoa shall present a summer school that covers the theoretical approaches behind the energy efficiency definitions used by IMO and other stakeholders for the marine sector. CO2 emissions and EEDI, EEXI, CII indexes will be introduced. Some energy efficiency devices (i.e. wind assisted propulsion) will be presented and best operational…
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VENTuRE press release in Vita e Mare: Teaching engineering students on board a merchant vessel

The latest VENTuRE press release published in the Italian periodical “Vita e Mare” in the July-August 2022 edition.

VENTuRE journal paper: CFD analysis of the effect of heterogeneous hull roughness on ship resistance – Ocean Engineering

Check out our latest VENTuRE journal publication. ABSTRACT: Hull roughness significantly increases ship resistance, power, and fuel consumption. Although it is typically spatially heterogeneous, little research has dealt with heterogeneously distributed roughness on ship hulls. Therefore, this study investigates the heterogeneous hull roughness effect on ship resistance using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). A series of CFD simulations were conducted…
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VENTuRE joint publications presented in the NAV2022 conference

VENTuRE team member from the University of Malta, Naval Architectural Services Ltd, NAS, and University of Genova, Prof. Claire De Marco, Dr Kurt Mizzi, Ms Mariana Zammit Munro, Mr Alessandro Taylor, Prof. Massimo Figari, Dr Michele Martelli, Dr Diego Villa, Dr Silvia Donnarumma and Dr Raphael Zaccone attended the NAV2022 – 20th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON…
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VENTuRE attends the 41st International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering (OMAE)

The VENTuRE team members from the University of Malta, Prof. Claire De Marco, Prof Tonio Sant, and Dr Mitchell Borg, and Dr Guiliano Vernengo from the University of Genoa attended OMAE2022 – 41st International Conference on Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering – held in Hamburg, Germany from 6th to 9th June 2022. The conference covered…
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VENTuRE joint publication presented at the MARTECH2022 conference

Prof. Claire De Marco and Ms Diane Scicluna attended the International Conference in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (MARTECH2022) conference in Lisbon, Portugal 24 – 26 May 2022. Ms Scicluna presented her paper entitled  “Modelling the Hydrostatic Stability Characteristics of a Self-Aligning Floating Offshore Wind Turbine” as part of her M.Sc. by Research in Mechanical Engineering…
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VENTuRE journal paper: Numerical Investigation of Depth-Varying Currents on Ship Hydrodynamics in Confined Water – International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Check out our latest VENTuRE journal publication. ABSTRACT: Vessels can operate in unpredictable environments depending on the geographical area and weather conditions. One example of conditions a vessel might not be assessed against is the presence of depth-varying currents, which are particularly relevant in confined waters where currents can be created due to tidal influences,…
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H2020 VENTuRE Project National Networking Event Video

Check out the official video for the National Networking event that was held this May:

RINA/IMarEST Technical Presentation: Harnessing Energy from Oceans

On the 19th of May 2022, Prof. Atilla Incecik gave a RINA/IMarEST presentation describing primary energy consumption by fuel types, where the locations of global deep-water oil and gas reserves were illustrated, discussing different types of oil and gas exploration and production platforms and their design principles. Held within the Faculty of Engineering at the…
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