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VENTuRE Journal Publication: Preliminary Analysis on the Hydrostatic Stability of a Self-Aligning Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Abstract: There exist vast areas of offshore wind resources with water depths greater than 100 m that require floating structures. This paper provides a detailed analysis of the hydrostatic stability characteristics of a novel floating wind turbine concept. The preliminary design supports an 8 MW horizontal-axis wind turbine with a custom self-aligning single-point mooring (SPM)…
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Prof. Claire De Marco and Prof. Tonio Sant visit University of Southampton

Prof. Claire De Marco, Prof. Tonio Sant & Prof. Dominic Hudson at the Bolderwood Tow tank, University of Southampton UM academics Prof. Claire De Marco and Prof. Tonio Sant travelled to the University of Southampton, Boldrewood Innovation Campus.  Discussions were held with Prof Dominic Hudson, Shell Professor in Ship Efficiency.  Discussions were held on mutual…
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VENTuRE journal publication: A Review of Ship-to-Ship Interactions in Calm Waters

Check out our latest VENTuRE journal publication. Abstract: The hydrodynamic interaction between two or more ships in harbours or inland waterways is a classical maritime engineering research area. In ship manoeuvring practice, ship masters try to determine the speed and gap limit when a ship is passing or encountering others, particularly in confined water ways.…
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VENTuRE Joint Publication at TRA2022

VENTuRE team members, Ms Margot Cocard from the University of Strathclyde, and Mr Alessandro Taylor from Naval Architectural Services Ltd, NAS, attended the TRA 2022 – 9th Transport Research Arena in Lisbon, Portugal, from 14th to 17th November 2022. The TRA2022 theme is “Moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide”.  The conference themes included: Smart Solutions…
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USTRATH Researcher talks about VENTuRE at OCEANS2022

Roberto Ravenna took part in the OCEANS 2022, a bi-annual event for global marine technologists, engineers, students, government officials, lawyers, and advocates, from the 14th to 21st October 2022. During this event, he promoted the VENTuRE project by discussing the project with key international stakeholders and networking with potential partners.

Prof. Atilla Incecik presents a key note lecture and promotes VENTuRE at IMAM2022

As part of the 19th International Congress of the International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean, IMAM2022, Prof. Atilla Incecik conducted a keynote lecture on “Ocean science and marine technology research and education for sustainable utilisation of ocean resources” and promoted the VENTuRE project on Tuesday 27th September 2022.

Venturing Beyond our Borders – Think Magazine (October 2022)

Read our latest blog published in Think Magazine, the research magazine of the University of Malta.

VENTuRE Press Release: UM visits the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow

Check out our latest press release in UM’s NewsPoint!

UM Technicians visit UNIGE Experimental Hydrodynamics Labs: Towing Tank and Cavitation Tunnel

The UM technicians were introduced to UNIGE by Dr. Ricci and Prof. Figari. The tow tank theory, led by Prof. Diego Villa was discussed, and a detailed practical demonstration by Alberto Ferrari and Sergio Talocchi followed showing all the procedures to complete a tow test, starting from out-fitting, accurate weighing, model draught and trim checks,…
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