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Short Specialist Course: Virtual Towing Tank Applications in the Marine Industry

The Maltese Industrial Partner Naval Architectural Services Ltd is to present the short specialist course on the topic of Virtual Towing Tank Applications in the Marine Industry. This course will focus on how numerical techniques can be applied to the marine industry to predict various parameters of ship performance. The course content will include: Academic…
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Summer School: Energy Efficiency of Marine Systems

In September, the University of Genoa shall present a summer school that covers the theoretical approaches behind the energy efficiency definitions used by IMO and other stakeholders for the marine sector. CO2 emissions and EEDI, EEXI, CII indexes will be introduced. Some energy efficiency devices (i.e. wind assisted propulsion) will be presented and best operational…
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VENTuRE press release in Vita e Mare: Teaching engineering students on board a merchant vessel

The latest VENTuRE press release published in the Italian periodical “Vita e Mare” in the July-August 2022 edition.

VENTuRE journal paper: CFD analysis of the effect of heterogeneous hull roughness on ship resistance – Ocean Engineering

Check out our latest VENTuRE journal publication. ABSTRACT: Hull roughness significantly increases ship resistance, power, and fuel consumption. Although it is typically spatially heterogeneous, little research has dealt with heterogeneously distributed roughness on ship hulls. Therefore, this study investigates the heterogeneous hull roughness effect on ship resistance using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). A series of CFD simulations were conducted…
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VENTuRE Team Network with Twinning Partners

Prof Osman Turan (USTRATH) introduced the ‘Human Factor Research Centre Activities’ The main aim Networking Activities of task was to organise wide range of networking activities in order to increase the national, regional and international networking of UM and twinning partners, promote knowledge exchange and create solid and sustainable basis for possible future collaborations, and to…
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VENTuRE Technical Presentation: Offshore Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage

On Friday, 1 July 2022, Prof. Inġ Tonio Sant gave a presentation at the University of Strathclyde, Henry Dyer Building, Glasgow. The presentation illustrated the integration of energy storage systems on a large-scale is becoming essential to mitigate intermittency issues in power supply from offshore wind farms. Storage systems are crucial in addressing the supply-demand…
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Summer Schools delivered by the University of Strathclyde

The main aim of the Summer and Winter Schools was set up to increase awareness and skills in the area of Energy Efficient Ship Design through summer and winter schools. This is expected to increase the engagement between different parties and technology utilisation towards the design of Energy Efficient Ships. At least 20 early career…
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Short Specialist Courses delivered in Glasgow for the VENTuRE Team

Short specialist courses were organised in June 2022. The aim of these activities was to exchange academic knowledge and experience to enhance proficiency in experimentation and numerical analysis in the field of maritime engineering. On this occasion, three laboratory staff from UM followed training sessions in the experimental facilities of the Naval Architecture, Ocean, and…
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VENTuRE Partners visit the University of Strathclyde

As part of the European project, H2020 VENTuRE (a Virtual and physical ExperimeNtal Towing centre for the design of energy Efficient sea-faring vessels, EU Grant: #856887), academics, technicians, researchers, and students from the L-Università ta’ Malta (UM, Malta) and the Università di Genova (UNIGE, Italy), as well as industrial partners from the company Naval Architectural…
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